standard-title Osorno and Petrohué

Osorno and Petrohué

Price per Person: $25.000 Chilean Pesos.
Best Season: Year Round
Experience Required: None.
Duration: Full Day Tour.
Intensity: Easy.
Location: Osorno and Petrohué.
Schedule: 9:30h.

– Transportation during the whole trip.
– Bilingual guide.

Doesn´t Includes:
– Chairlifts, lunch and food.
What do you have to Bring:
– Sunblock, Smile.

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Q: Do I need experience?

Not at all.

Q: How cold is it?

During summer it can reach 25o Celsius which is pretty warm, but still the wind is cold so we reccommend to always take a jacket. In winter it is normal that snows so you will always have to take appropriate clothes for so. And it doesn't matter if is cloudy, always put on sunblock and take sunglasses with you.

Q: What about the kids?

It's a really easy trip and a family one, so bring them without a problem but always with the proper snowy clothes, sunblock and sunglasses.

Q: Can we go to the top of the volcano?

No, to get to the top of the volcano you will have to take a different and specific tour, this volcano is no a easy one to climb and it is always necessary to go with a specialized guide.