Day 1, Cochamó Village:

We will pick you up from your hotel in Puerto Montt/Puerto Varas or from the Puerto Montt’s airport to our office in Cochamo.
Typical dinner and a night in the Cochamo village.

Day 2, Cochamó – Steffen river:

In the morning we’ll drive and then take a ferry to and across the Tagua-Tagua Lake. After a picnic on its shores, we will explain the details of the trip and introduce you to your horse. We will ride for a few hours in the middle of the pampas before arriving at the Steffen River camping.
Dinner by campfire and a night under a tent.

Day 3, Steffen river- Torrentoso:

We ride to Torrentoso River through dramatic terrain and crossing many beautiful rivers. We’ll set up camp beside a crystal-clear stream surrounded od amazing nature and absolutely peacefull area. From here a short hike will lead us to petroglyphs.

Day 4, Torrentoso – Paso del León:

We’ll ride into Argentine – Chilean border village called Paso el León via the Manso River Valley. Be ready to tilt your hat and say “¡Buenos dias!” as we will likely pass many locals traveling the lands only form of transportation, horseback. We’ll camp next to a local farm and share a roasted lamb with the locals.

Day 5, Paso del Leon- Vidal Lake:

We will ride 6 hours to the longest mountain lake in the region, Vidal Lake where you’ll be amazed with its colors. We’ll stay with Doña Luisa who lives at the lake’s southern end. There is great fishing and swimming and obviously scenary that you are not going to believe.

Day 6, Vidal Lake:

We will spend all day riding on the lakes length to its northern shore. We will share dinner with Agusto and Angela who also live on the lake’s shore and where we will continue being amazed of the nature, flora and fauna of the area.

Day 7, Vidal Lake- El Arco:

We will climb to our highpoint of the trip, deep in the Cordillera and under dense rainforest. We will have lunch on the beach of a small mountain lake at the pass. After we continue to El Arco’s mountain hut, here some of the oldest trees in the world stand, alerces that are 3.000 years old. El Arco River, near the shelter gained its name from a naturally formed rock that bridges the river and its waterfalls.

Day 8, El Arco – La Junta:

Today the landscape takes a dramatic change as we enter into the famous Cochamo Valley. Take in magnificent views as the mountain’s rainforest gives way to sheer granite cliffs and domes. After a 4 hours ride to the bed & breakfast, you will be able to have a hot shower and a nice rest. Here the culture also mixes its international backpackers and climbers with local cowboys coming in and out of the valley. Dinner and homemade pizza.

Day 9, La Junta:

Take a long hike to one of the several peaks or a short walk to the shore of river pools for a long nap. In the afternoon your guide will accompany you to the waterfalls – waterslide so you can take a swim, enjoy and relax at the same time.
Dinner and night in the bed & breakfast.

Day 10, La Junta – Cochamó:

Breakfast is homemade and then we get ready to start our return. Once back on the saddle and inside the virgin forest, you will no doubt notice the hummingbirds or the “chucaos” (a native Chilean bird). A vehicle will be waiting for us at the end of the forest trail and will take you to your hostal in Cochamo.
Night in Cochamo.

Day 11, Cochamó – Pto. Montt/Varas:

After our nice and last breakfast, a vehicle will take you back to your hotel in Puerto Varas / Puerto Montt, or straight to the airport.

We guarantee that this will be your best experience ever!!!.