For this tour you have to get to Cochamó by yourself and arrive at 10:00am to our office. The buses from Puerto Varas departs at 8:00am and it will take you approximately an hour and a half to get to this amazing area. We will be waiting for you and then after a quick prestentation about the ride and the horses, we leave by horse, walking in the village.
We follow the main road seeing a lot of fields used for agriculture or full of sheeps, cows and horses. After a couple of hours, we arrive to a countryside house where the owner Marina waits for us with the lunch (soup, meat, vegetables, salads, desert…). After Lunch we can relax for a while enjoying a perfect view; when the weather is nice, we can see at the same time the Reloncavi fjord, Yates volcano, Puntiagudo volcano and even up to the Osorno volcano!
Then we get our horses again and start to go down to the Cochamó village for another couple of hours, to finally get to our destination where we can have a “mate” beside the fire while we wait for the bus which will take you back to the city.
It’s the perfect ride for the people who can’t stay long in Cochamó but still want to know it, relax and have some typical rural food.