standard-title Climbing the Osorno

Climbing the Osorno

Price per Person: $160.000 Chilean Pesos.
Best Season: All Year
Experience Required: None.
Duration: 1 Day Tour.
Intensity: Hard.
Location: Osorno Volcano.
Schedule: 5:30am.

– Private transportation during the whole trip.
– Bilingual Cerified guide.
– Lunch Box.
– Complete technical gear ( crampons, ice axe, ropes, etc.).
– Safety, rescue and communication equipment
– First Aid Kit.
What do you have to Bring:
– Proper snow clothes, Sunblock, Sunglasses, Lots of Energy, Smile.

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Skills of the less experienced person

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Q: Do I need experience?

No prior mountain climbing experience is necessary, but participants must be in really good physical condition, is not an easy climb.

Q: How cold is it?

During summer it can reach 25o Celsius which is pretty warm, but still the wind is cold so you will need all the proper snow clothes. And it doesn't matter if is cloudy, always put on sunblock and is really important to take sunglasses with you.

Q: What about the kids?

Minors 16 years old are not able to do this tour.

Q: Can I go to the top by myself?

If you are a professional climber, you can; you will have to register with the mountain’s CONAF ranger and show all the proper equipment to be able to get the permission. Either way we don't recommend you to do this by yourself, is not an easy climb and it can be tricky at some points, also because of the climate changes that it can occur during the day which are normal. If you still want to do it, don't do it alone and always take your cellphone with you with credit to be able to call at any time.